What Do Dreams About Spiders Tell You

Most of us are afraid of spiders. Seeing one in a dream can be as terrifying as in real life. While they are fascinating creatures from the biological perspective, they are tiny scary-looking fellas. There are various meanings behind dreaming of them. This article will help you interpret spider dreams as accurately as possible.

Spider Symbolism

Spiders are widespread. We meet them on various continents. Thus in the past, they have acquired multiple cultural symbolism. They are associated with:

  • Hunting
  • Effectiveness
  • Intelligence

Esoteric Meaning behind dreaming about spiders

If you saw one in your house, it is a good sign. While in real life that is the last thing, in the dream world spider at the familiar place carries a positive symbolism. It acts as a powerful protector that will make sure you have structure and consistency in life. Your subconscious mind feels strong and in control. If you feel something opposite, it’s time to reevaluate the self-image and understand properly the inner strength and wisdom you have inside.

If a spider bit you, the dream acquires a negative meaning. Even if that happens at your house. A spider bite can be deadly. With such imagery, your mind warns you about inconsistency and lack of control over your life. You seem to be chasing goals, but in reality, never achieve anything. The biggest problem is how easy you give up. To really achieve the goal you need to stick with it. When you often abandon your aims and try something new every other week, your mind experiences what is called a diversity shock. This is when you don’t have enough time to adapt to a change and never let your brain demonstrate its true possibilities.

Spider biting your child can be interpreted as the fear of your child’s safety. You are a protective parent and naturally, care for your children. The worries, however, can get obsessive. When the anxiety caused by constant doubts about the well-being of others, it is unhealthy for the mind.

Some also dream of a spider biting their partners. The interpretation above can be applied here. The safety of a significant other is a concern for all of us. Although quite common, after analyzing such dreams, it is clear that the meaning lies somewhere else. In almost every dream involving a spider biting someone’s partner, from my experience, we deal with jealousy and lack of trust.

Dreaming about Killing a spider means that you lack confidence. You made in a dream a spider as your prey, while in reality, you don’t feel being in the position of a hunter. You hesitate to make big decisions in life. You often doubt yourself and don’t believe you can be great at things such as career or even in relationships. Low self-esteem is something that lots of people suffer from. No matter what the cause of it is, it is crucial for your happiness and mental well-being to work on it and to try to develop yourself.

Talking spiders might seem comical but often occur in dreams. It means you are facing the challenges of life with courage. This bravery will be a reason for your success. As long as you maintain confidence and don’t doubt yourself, you will reach your goals.

Golden spiders represent the monetary well-being and your desire for acquiring wealth. You’ve been most likely thinking about money lately and want to have more of it. Thus a golden spider visited you in a dream.

The red spider signifies danger. Your mind senses it and warns you using dreams. Make sure you listen to it and analyze what’s going on in your life currently to detect it.

Do psychologists interpret dreams about spiders?

The psychological approach requires a lot of details about your spider dreams. While general symbolism can be defined using the scientific approach, it is not enough to understand what spider means for your subconscious mind. Each dream, even if you don’t remember, is full of details. These details are crucial for analyzing them.

Thus, if you want to know the psychological meaning of a dream, it is important to keep the dream journal. That way you will track how many times you’ve dreamt of spiders and what exactly were happening in a dream.


Q/A about spider dreams by an expert Jennifer Smith

Spider bite

Question: I discovered a spider bite in my dream and started worrying about it. At first, I thought that it was just a pimple, but once I realized it was because of a spider, I panicked and went to a doctor. He said that somebody tried to murder me and I should be careful. I was surprised and later went home. I’ve heard a knock on the door. I thought that it was that person who tried to murder me and did not want to open the door. Then I’ve heard that it was my neighbor yelling that it was him and I should open the door. I remembered being really scared. I would like to know the meaning behind this dream.

Answer: Spider bite is linked to your mind sensing the lack of control over your life. The fact that your neighbor was banging on the door and you were scared, thinking it was the murderer, indicates the fear and anxiety inside you. Perhaps the threat of somebody going after you is imaginary and happens only in a dream, but it symbolizes how worried you are. The immediate action against it is to ask yourself what the source is. Perhaps you don’t live in a safe neighborhood. It could also be caused by being asocial and uncomfortable around people.

Spiders in my closet

Question: I need your opinion about the meaning of my dream. This is what I saw: I was planning to go out with my friends. This is a usual thing for me as I do every weekend. I remember saying that I needed to look as good as possible. I opened my closet to pick clothes for the evening and saw that all of them were covered with tiny spiders. I screamed out of fear, started crying, and ran away. That’s all I remember, honestly, but I think it’s full of information for you to determine what it meant.

Answer: There’s not enough information actually to determine the full meaning of the dream. Thus I need to base my opinion on the limited information. Spiders ruined your night and made you give up something that was important for you. You should expect the same thing in real life. An unexpected event could change your plans and you should be ready to be flexible with your decisions.

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