Teeth Falling Out in Dreams – What Does it Mean?

Teeth falling out in a dream is one of the most common scenarios people see while sleeping. In fact, after analyzing the statistics, the data showed that people from 36 different countries were looking for an interpretation of such a dream. Most likely you are one of them since you’ve landed on this page. So, what is going on? Why do so many people dream about losing teeth? Why teeth specifically and what do our brains try to tell us? I will help you answer these questions.

Teeth symbolism

Before starting to discuss the meaning behind dreams, we need to dive into the symbolism of teeth. While minor differences vary based on cultures, teeth are a universally important part of our daily lives and our identities. They symbolize:


The esoteric meaning behind dreams about teeth falling off

Only by interpreting various scenarios we can detect exact meanings behind dreams where you lose your teeth.

If you suddenly discover you lost all your teeth, it means that you have a concern about your health and well being. The lifestyle you acquired lately is not healthy. Most likely you barely exercise or eat right. This causes your brain to start signaling you about upcoming consequences. If you continue like this, you will damage your well-being.

If only one tooth felt off in a dream, it means that there is one thing in life that bothers you lately. It keeps you worried and causes negative thoughts. Typically such thing is a temporary challenge you are facing in life. It could be a new task you have assigned at work that you find difficult. Students could dream of such a thing before the exam.

Quite common are the dreams where the people suddenly lose teeth in front of the large crowd. This signifies the development of social anxiety and fearing to appear in front of a large group of people. Typically this is caused by low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

Why Teeth? Why falling off?

Teeth are part of our identities and our culture. Western countries put a huge emphasis on how the teeth should look. We spend billions on taking care of them. We brush them twice a day, pay hundreds of dollars to whiten them and feel terrible when they don’t look healthy and white. After such a big exposure, it is not surprising that we have dreams where teeth fall off.

Losing teeth in a dream is also quite a logical scenario if we consider the symbolism of them. Not being able to retain such an important part of our identities and suddenly lose them can be linked to various troubles, worries and alarming messages dwelling in our subconscious minds.

What does psychology have to say about losing teeth in a dream?

The psychological approach is based on scientific research. It mostly ignores the esoteric meanings behind dreams of teeth falling off. While analyzing a dream using psychology is heavily dependent on individual scenarios, the general idea can be clearly depicted. Such dreams indicate the problems with self-image and low confidence. They also show the signs of being asocial, having problems with the people and avoiding human interactions. The people who had dreams of losing teeth often are introverts.

Will you lose teeth in real life if it happened in a dream?

Dreams do not tell the future directly. They are not cameras streaming future events. So, most likely your teeth will be fine. The only scenario where it can happen is if you already have some dental problems. Due to the exposure to thoughts of losing teeth, you could have dreamt of it happening. Often people see dreams about teeth if they have cavities or have to go to a dentist in the near future.

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