Teeth Falling Out in Dreams - What Does it Mean?

Every dream represents a different meaning according to how it unfolds. Dreams to different individuals will signify a separate meaning depending on their reality and mindset. Many experts say that dreaming about teeth could symbolise expression or verbalisation. It also means a person’s perception of social confidence.  On the other hand, dreams about losing teeth frequently represent the dreamer’s inability to address or understand personal affairs. When a person sees a vision about losing teeth, it relates to their inability to express their inner feelings, lack confidence in the relational or social environment, or complications in public speaking, etc. Teeth also signify aggression in varied nature.

Here are some standard interpretations of dreams about teeth

  1. Biting in dreams

The presence of teeth or getting bit in dreams represents that some issues are bothering the person.

If another person is getting bitten in a dream, it symbolises rage and anger towards such an individual.

  1. Losing teeth

It represents concern and fear related to being fruitless or become unattractive with age. It could also mean lapsing into the childhood memories when it was common to lose teeth.