Dreams About Tornadoes – Real Meaning

Dreaming of a tornado can be a nightmare. It is a common occurrence and thousands of people dream about it around the world. The symbolism of fear and destruction plagues the subconscious minds of many. Are you one of them? Have you had a dream with a tornado in it? Now you want to learn the meaning behind such dreams. The interpretation vastly depends on the settings in a dream and your background in waking life. The common themes, however, can be interpreted to find the meaning. This article will help you determine the messages your subconscious mind is sending you during the night.

Dreams about tornado carry the following meanings:

  • Changes in your life
  • Detachment from your natural self
  • Destructive behavior and bad habits
  • Need for survival and moving on
  • Anger inside you

What does a tornado symbolize?
– Destruction
– Power of mother nature
– Fear
– Hiding or running away
– Danger
– Death
– Homelessness

Tornado symbolizes changes

Tornadoes are not a daily occurrence. They appear suddenly and are unpredictable. Dreaming of them symbolizes the sudden changes that have occurred or about to occur in your life. It is also never a positive experience, so the change that translates into your dreams is most likely negative.

A tornado as a force of nature

The natural disaster is the wrath of mother nature. It could mean that you have been detached from yourself and feel far away from the original thoughts and ideas that once made who you were. Now you observer your being and understand that the person has changed and all of this feels unnatural. You manifest these feelings into dreaming of tornadoes.

Destructive behavior

Nothing good follows the appearance of a tornado. IT is a destructive force and carries a strong symbolism of chaos and harm. Perhaps you see that in a dream because you understand that your current behavior is not healthy and makes you unhappy. You know well enough it won’t lead to anything good in the near future. Therefore, your brain is sending you the messages in order to stop you from continuing acting this way. It is crucial to listen to your subconscious mind and understand the negative habits that currently damage the quality of your life.

The survival

While a tornado often claims the victims, there are always the survivors. Even though they were damaged and perhaps even traumatized, life continues. You should do the same. The tornado is over and it is traumatic to experience it, but living in the past will only make your life more miserable.


Just like a mother nature showing its wrath, you want to do the same. You feel anger inside and it makes you feel frustrated. You want to release and unleash it on everyone around you. The frustration inside won’t go away if you do not determine what causes it and not do anything about it. The anger needs to go away in order to find happiness and calmness in life.

Running away from a tornado

The danger is near you and it is necessary to find shelter. You are hopeless against the threat, so fighting it is pointless. Therefore it is crucial to drop your ego and run away. Survival is more important than facing the challenge that is too big.

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