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  • Suggest medical treatment

The whole point of all the above steps or ways to deal with a compulsive liar is to get him/her professional help. Keep in mind that it also yields the best result if they first accept their problems and then proceed to recommend medical treatment. If you just drag them to seek professional help without first showing support or to allow them to realize their problem, they may never open up about their problem.

Imagine if your mom took you to doctor suddenly and start telling the doctor of all the problems that you have, even though you don’t know anything about it. That raises more questions and confusions rather than producing a solution.

In most cases, the medical treatment will vary from person to person depending on the severity of their lying nature. Doctors will usually check for any signs of mental illness before proceeding for the treatment procedure. The treatment thereafter can include counseling sessions, psychotherapy, medications etc. All these procedures and treatment primary focus is to understand the root cause of their compulsive lying behavior.

Therapy sessions such as making them practice telling more truth frequently or giving a particular set of task to accomplish within a specific time with the help of telling the truth or controlling their impulsive need to lie have been proven very effective.

Keep in mind that medical treatment is always dependent on the person themselves, and the amount of effort they put into trying to change their compulsive lying disorder. Simply putting them in a medical facility without any sort of positive contributions from your side like supporting them and encouraging them will only prove futile.