Dreaming of Turtles – Interpreting The Meaning Behind

Not many people see turtles in their dreams. Although lately, I’ve been getting a few questions about them. So, I decided to write a guide for interpreting the meaning behind seeing turtles in a dream. To understand what your brain is telling you with dreams, you need to know some details about them. More you remember what happened in a dream, the easier it will be to interpret it. So, before start reading about the meaning behind turtle dreams, do yourself a favor, grab a notebook and write down everything that you remember about your dream – where it was, what were you doing, how did a turtle look like, etc.

Dreams have meanings. What they tell us could be explained using science or esotericism. The scientific approach involves psychology. The esoteric meaning of a dream is based on symbolism. In this article, I will talk about both of them.

Turtle Symbolism

There is not a strong symbolism behind turtles. They are famous creatures, but throughout history, they did not acquire symbolic meanings like other animals such as eagles, wolves or snakes did. Still, they are a symbol of:

  • Water
  • Fertility
  • Travel
  • Longevity
  • Health
  • Wisdom
  • Patience
  • Peace

Turtles live long and they give lives to lots of offsprings. They live in the water and lay eggs on land. They are a symbol of living for a long time and covering long distances.

Esoteric meaning of a turtle in a dream

Turtle in a dream carries a positive symbolic meaning. If you saw one in yours, it generally means you are going to have a successful upcoming week. While further interpretation requires more details from a dream, it can be assumed that turtle in a dream is a good sign.

It also means that there is a serenity around you and your mind found solace. It feels comfortable without distractions and chaos. So, make sure you don’t get involved in unnecessary stressful situations in the near future.

It is not always a positive thing to see a turtle in your dream. It can, in some cases, carry a negative meaning. For example, If you see a dead turtle in a dream, it can be interpreted as several bad things such as bad health, stress, and problems.

If you save a turtle, you are a kind person and your brain tells you that in the form of a dream. You value the meaning of peace and nature. It could also mean that you care for motherhood and do everything to protect your children.

If you accidentally or on purpose killed a turtle in a dream, it means you are destroying your inner peace and health with your behavior. There are unhealthy patterns in your life that translate themselves into problematic situations. Perhaps you are lazy and don’t get anything done or gained lots of weight because of your eating habits. Dreaming of the killing of a turtle reminds you of it. You are, after all, the most critical judge of yourself.

Dreaming of having a pet turtle carries a positive meaning. It shows how in control you are and feel good about it. Health and relationships are going well. You are already a great mother or plan to be a good one. Keep a positive attitude and further explore the topics connected to the symbolism of a turtle. It will help you develop yourself further.

If a turtle is giant, it means that your family situation will be idyllic during the upcoming few weeks. You will experience memorable moments. Make sure you stay mindful and truly live through them. Be there for your family and try not to get stressed over tiny things. Use this time to truly bond your family together. Also, don’t forget to take pictures and videos. You’ll thank yourself in a few years.

If a turtle you saw in your dream is tiny, it means you are trying to bring harmony, health and family happiness in your life, but you find it difficult to be successful. It’s crucial, despite failure, not to stop trying. Tiny turtle symbolizes the effort you put in and as long as you keep trying, you will be able to accomplish it sooner or later.

Red turtle in a dream symbolizes the disruption of your true character and detachment from the healthy path in life. The color red has a symbol of drama and chaos. Most likely the lifestyle choices you make are not best for your longevity and well-being. Thus, your mind is protesting it by showing red turtles.

Psychological meaning behind dreaming about turtles

Psychologists prefer a more generic definition of what turtles symbolize in dreams. Unlike esoteric symbolism, for scientists, the meaning of turtles in your dreams comes from your perception of them. Perhaps you saw too many teenage mutant ninja turtles in your childhood or watched a documentary about oceans recently. For science, everything written above is nonsense and dreams only carry very personal meanings that can’t be interpreted by reading a random article online. It is up to you to decide if they are correct or not.

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