Ultimate Guide of Women's Body Language - Page 2 of 3
  • Nodding

Nodding is again another common occurrence of women’s body language. More than often women nod more than men, and this is why nodding usually indicates different things for men and women. Men, for instance, nod when they agree with something that they hear, and while that remains the same for women, there is a slight difference. When a woman nods she either agrees with what she hears, or she is encouraging the other person to continue with what they are saying.

There is also a very prevalent misconception about a women’s nod. When a woman nods more too frequently, it is taken as an indication of being submissive in nature. This, of course, isn’t true, but nodding too frequently can give out misleading indications. As a woman, it is therefore vital to avoid nodding too frequently when in conversation with men.

  • Handshaking

The way a woman shakes her hand with others can reveal a lot of things about her nature. A weak and lazy handshake can indicate that she is shy, nervous or submissive in nature. Whereas, a strong handshake indicates that she is a confident and independent woman. This, of course, can mean the same thing for men as well, but men usually take handshake as an opportunity to establish their superiority over their recipient.