Ultimate Guide of Women's Body Language - Page 3 of 3
  • Head tilts

Like nodding, head tilts can also lead to other people assuming different things. When a woman nods, it is usually a sign of encouragement to let the other person continue with what they are saying. This is primarily true if she is in a conversation with her senior officials or someone that they respect or admire. However, most people assume that head tilt is an indication of their submissive nature. This is especially true if a woman is in conversation with the opposite sex. Of course, that’s not what a woman demonstrates with her head tilt, but it is still taken as a sign of being weak or someone who lacks confidence.

As a woman, it is therefore vital that you keep your head straight and avoid any head tilting movements when it isn’t required to indicate that you are a strong, independent and confident woman.

  • Gestures

Minor body movements can indicate a lot of things about a woman. If a woman shows restless movements such as touching her neck, playing with her jewelry or grabbing her upper arms, it usually means that she is either stressed or nervous. However, this can also be misinterpreted as an indication that she is attracted to the other person. The touching of the jewelry or arms can often lead others to believe that she is shy around them and, hence making the assumption that she is attracted to the other person. It is not wise to appear too playful or restless around men if you don’t want them to get the wrong indication. On the other hand, men should understand that fidgeting, in general, is a sign of being stressed out or being uncomfortable.

  • Space

The amount of space that a woman takes can indicate a lot about her nature and attitude. Most people don’t realize this, but it’s one of those natural body languages that have been passed down for ages. Most women try to take up only as minimal space as possible, and that’s something that is seen as “natural.” And more than often it is taken as a sign of being polite or discrete in nature. However, this can also mean that she is not in control or submissive in nature.

On the other hand, occupying the space that she requires without any compromises, it means that a woman is radiating confidence or authority. This, of course, doesn’t mean taking up too much space of what’s required, as this again is an indication of an insecure woman.