Water in a Dream – Meaning

Water is an essence of life and dreaming of it is connected to various strong symbolic meanings. To understand what your mind is trying to tell, it is important to analyze the settings from your dreams. This article will try to help you to figure out the message behind what you have seen. The possible meanings of seeing water in a dream are:

  • You require a fresh start
  • You are afraid of something
  • You are seeking shelter from the problems
  • Anticipating something problematic in life
  • Your body seeks your attention

Life on earth has started thanks to the water. It is the essence of everything living. It symbolizes the birth and the new beginning. Seeing it in a dream could be interpreted as the need for starting afresh. Perhaps you are tired of the current life and find no happiness in what you experience daily. Perhaps you have been unsuccessful in something and now want to give something else a shot. Your subconscious mind is trying to tell you that the new beginning is something that you desire. Analyze the situation you are in currently and try to determine the patterns of discontent. Then see if the fresh start is something you want. If yes, then you should embrace the changes.

Seeing the water in a giant form could mean the fear of something. The dreams of oceans or stormy sea symbolize the threat that exists somewhere in your life. You might not be aware of what exactly it is, but you sense it because your mind reads the subliminal cues from your daily life. To detect what plagues your mind, you need to meditate on your emotions and feel the source of your worries.

While water has been the giver of life on earth, it could also be a dangerous place for humans. Throughout the history of our species, we associate water as something that could harm and destroy us. We are land creatures and seeing water in your dream could symbolize the need for shelter from the challenges you face.

Seeing water in a dream could also mean that you are about to face a problematic situation and feel anxious about it. The stress has built up in your mind and started to trouble you during sleep. Your mental well-being must face such situations calmly and avoid worrying too much.

We often forget how crucial the water is for our bodies. We are mostly water, after all. It is a symbol of vitality and good health. When your dream of it, your body might be telling you that it needs your attention. Have you been neglecting it? Are you dehydrated? Do you give enough attention to your health? It could be the message that you need to start taking of yourself.

There could be other meanings behind your dreams. The water is linked to strong symbolism around the world and the meaning could vary depending on your cultural background. How was your dream of water exactly? Tell us in the comments and let us discuss the possible meaning.

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