What Do Dreams About Alligators Mean?

The world is full of weird and odd things, and it is no surprise that even in dreams such oddness continues. Over the years, it has had different interpretations based on separate cultures, beliefs, or traditions. Many psychologists and psychoanalysts conducted elaborate studies and research to understand the true meaning and significance of dreams. After much reviews and tests, the majority belief is that reveries are an aftermath of the activities of the day. The brain is an active body which is operating even when the person is asleep. Such active status of the brain functions in rewinding or recreating a scenario or place or location in the mind which also connects with the innermost desires of the person dreaming.

Seeing animals in a dream signifies varieties of things according to the type of animal you see. Other aspects like nature, position, action, or location of the vision also play a part in interpreting the exact meaning. Seeing alligators in a dream is not common and most happens if you happen to see it up close which scared you or on wildlife television show. No matter the reason there is a meaning to all your alligator dreams.

When interpreting a dream on any animal, most people base it on the natural features and habits of such animals along with the ancient symbol it represents. Alligators live in the hot and swampy parts of the world and prey on the weak and small creatures which they can easily overpower. It is a ferocious animal. When converted to dreams it can represent betrayal or lousy planning behind your back by people close to you. It also goes to describe your friends who are not exactly who they say they are. It pulls the curtain on the fact that your close associates or friends are not honest and it is difficult for you to catch them red-handed or confront about it.

Walking on top of the alligator

It symbolizes experiencing unexpected issues or difficulty in life that catches you off guard. Such problems are also lethal and need your complete attention as it is personal. Avoiding it will lead to bigger and messier complications for you.

When an alligator attacks you in your dream

Dreaming of an alligator gaining on you or stretching its jaws to bite you means that in a recent time either your actions or words have displeased someone. It also signifies that you do not think twice before you speak and such nature has caused problems for you in life.

Seeing a prey eaten by an alligator

It signifies the kind of life you are living at present which is full of weirdness and excitement. You enjoy such a lifestyle, but soon there is going to come a time which will confuse you. Such times are neither bad nor good, but it is going to have a toll on you. Being accustomed to a certain way of life could pose difficulty in balancing the changes and leave you unhinged.