What Do Dreams About Bears Mean? - Page 2 of 2

2. Looking at a peaceful bear
If in your dream the bear seems quiet and you are staring at it symbolizes your independent personality in real life. It shows the ability to look after yourself and live life at your terms.

3. Seeing a belligerent bear
An aggressive bear symbolizes your anger which is caused by something. It also means that you have less patience and gets angry or annoyed easily over mindless things.

4. Bear in a circus show
It implies that there is an honest and quiet person who you will meet and that person will make you happy.

5. Bear hunting
Dreaming of hunting a bear is the best dream anyone could get. Many people believe that it brings success and symbolizes achievement of all the goals you have set for yourself.

6. Killing a bear
Not many people are fortunate enough to be shooting a bear in their dream. It symbolizes strength and the power to defeat any obstacles.

7. Bear trap
If you envision of seeing a bear trap, it signifies that it will be difficult for you to get over the hindrance or obstacle on your way. It would be wise to stay prepared and have a laser focus in your life.