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Seeing your child kidnapped

It mostly has to do with parents and their immense love for their children. If you are a parent and happen to witness the kidnapping of your child in a dream, it could signify your uneasiness about the rapid maturity of your child. It may suggest that somewhere in your subconscious mind there is a feeling that you do not want them to grow up.

Dreaming about abducting someone

It signifies that you may be coercing your opinions, needs, or desires on another person in your life. Such traits can result in people distancing away from you.
It also denotes that there is reluctance in letting something go or letting someone free from your life. It could mean suffocation and restrain for the other person, and sometimes it is best to let it go to allow new changes to enter your life.

Not getting scared of the kidnapper

If in your dream you got kidnapped and the kidnapper did not scare you it is a positive symbol. And in such a vision the kidnapper would represent good luck. Many studies show that most shy people dream of getting kidnapped more frequently. Such people find it difficult to be sociable or have a problem talking to people altogether. The hassle or complexity in accepting some regulations can lead to dreams about getting kidnapped.

Experts say that individuals who avert conflicts and arguments are often the ones who have dreams of getting kidnapped.