What Does it Mean to Dream About Bugs?

Having a dream about bugs is a true nightmare for many. While some have an extreme fear of them (which is called Entomophobia), millions of people around the world find them disgusting. This attitude shapes the general symbolism of bugs in a dream and affects the meaning of it. I will help you with the interpretation of bug dreams.

What is the symbolism behind dreams involving bugs?

Typically the symbolism is negative. For most of the people, they are associated with the disgust and unsanitary conditions. There are few scenarios where they carry a positive aspect, depending on an individual and the cultural background.

Is it a bad sign to see a bug in a dream?

It depends on how we will interpret the messages that our brains send using the dreams. They certainly carry the meaning that could be used as a warning. Although we can’t say in general if a bug carries a bad sign in a dream.

What does it mean exactly to dream of bugs?

There are multiple ways we can interpret such dreams from feeling exhausted to unsatisfied with your life. Below is the list of few possible meanings. Go through the dream you had carefully and after recalling the settings, try to match with the scenarios.

Bed bugs in a dream

Dreaming of bed bugs is one of the most significant dreams about insects in terms of symbolism. They are parasites, feeding on our blood while we sleep. They symbolize the unhealthy relationships, toxic people in your life, and the need for an immediate refreshment of your social life. In this situation, it is important to ask yourself what is going on in your waking life to cause such distinctive symbolic dreams. Is there everything fine with your romantic relationship? Have you had a fight with your friends over something? Quite often even without any obvious example, our subconscious mind understands what is going on better than us. It senses the disturbance in the social aspect of your life without you being aware of it.

Having various types of bugs inside your apartment is another dream with a negative meaning. It carries a bad sign and typically means that in the upcoming few months you will have difficult times making important personal decisions due to a dilemma.

Seeing yourself eating a bug means that you will need to do things you found impossible before in order to push yourself to get the things you desire the most. Without breaking your comfort zone you won’t be able to achieve your goals.


Q/A by a dream expert Jennifer Smith 

Bugs in the bedroom 

Q: Yesterday I saw a dream that made me think of my life. The entire bedroom was covered with various bugs, but the rest of the house was fine. I remember I really wanted to sleep, but was unable to go into the bedroom. I asked my husband for help, but he refused. Later he went into the bedroom and fell asleep. I was surprised how was he not disgusted or afraid. I was stuck outside and couldn’t sleep. What does this dream mean?

A: The dream involves your husband and unwanted insects. It means that your subconscious mind believes there could be a problem in your relationship. You are worried about it, but your husband does not notice it. It indicates the need for better communication.

Bugs in the food

Q: Hey Jennifer, I was really disgusted yesterday in a dream when I found that my food was covered with cockroaches. I was preparing it in my kitchen and was in a very good mood. Nobody else was there. I was alone and enjoying the process. When I started to eat after cooking, it was full of bugs. I started screaming and threw the plate away. That’s all I remember. What can you tell about it?

A: It seems that your dream indicates the self-doubt and low confidence growing inside you. You are enjoying the process, but the result is disgusting and terrifying. In real life, it could mean you are afraid of what will become of your efforts. Ask yourself – why are you doubting yourself? Do you believe you are incapable of achieving big things? Are you perhaps influenced by others? You should work on yourself and analyze what your life achievements mean to you.


Bugs and childhood

Q: I was a little kid once again in my dream this afternoon while I was taking a nap. I was in my old apartment where I grew up. There were few very colorful bugs on the floor in the living room. My mother was sitting on the couch. I was telling her to take a look at the bugs, but she was ignoring me. Then I started killing the bugs with my feet. My mom noticed it and started to get angry. I told her that the bugs would grow back and there was no need for her to be so mad. Can you help me with the interpretation?

A: Your dream seems bittersweet. On one hand, you experienced a tiny part of your childhood once again. On the other hand, it involved some negative imagery such as angry mom and being ignored. It seems there are few unpleasant memories hidden in your subconscious mind that bother you while dreaming. What kind of relationship do you have with your mother? Is it bad? then it would explain why you saw her angry. Is it good? Then it is simply a few misinterpreted memories causing a negative dream setting.


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