What Hurts a Narcissist Most – Tactics To Hurt Them

Narcissists are hard to deal with. They love only themselves and do not care much about others. Since you are reading this article, most likely a narcissist did something to you and now you seek for vengeance.  You are at the right place. So, how can you exactly hurt a narcissistic person? Your goal is to hurt him rather than fueling his anger more, so how can you do it?

Here are eight effective ways on how to hurt a narcissist and get your revenge:

1. Ignore the Person

Having a narcissistic personality means that the person will constantly need attention. The person will also think that he is the most important person around; thus, he will crave the attention of others.

The best way that you can hurt him is by ignoring his annoying presence. This will hurt more than you think. He might ignore you back, but that will less likely to happen as being a narcissist loves being the center of attention. Ignoring them will be a move that will literally burn them and make them very uncomfortable.

2. Replace Your Narcissistic Friend

If the narcissist is a friend of yours that you often talk, walk, or go out with, then you should try replacing his/her place with another close friend or acquaintance. Most of the narcissistic people have been replaced in one way or another during their childhood, so if you walk, talk, or go out with another human being it will open up an old wound of his/hers that is buried deep inside.

3. Make Them Jealous With Your Success

All narcissistic person is very jealous, whether is if it is on someone who is flirting with his significant other, or by the success of another person that he knows of. Some narcissist will act like they are happy about your success, but deep inside they are being eaten with their intense jealousy.

The more successful you get, the more it will hurt the person with his jealousy. Once who have passed all the narcissist’s achievement’s, you will then create a hellish life for him/her.

4. Overthrowing his Achievements

The most common traits that narcissist have is the feeling of having too much self-pride. They would usually brag about the success that they have achieved in life, and this is what always makes them feel great about themselves.

If you try overthrowing these achievements of his/her, it will then directly attack the foundation on what he gets his pride for. This will make the person confused, and will start doubting the greatness of his talent and abilities. And the fact that his pride will be stepped upon will make the most narcissist person feel useless.

5. Exposing The Mistake The Mistake of the Person In Front of the Others

The reason why a narcissist boasts to hundreds of people around him is that he projects a great image about himself in front of a lot of people. That person will use different kinds of techniques, self-appraisal, and manipulation to create the perfect image of himself in the eyes of other people.

Therefore, if you expose his mistakes in front of the others, it will definitely blow off the mask that he is wearing and expose him in front of hundreds of people that he has been manipulating. The narcissistic person that you wanted to hurt will then lose the perfect image that he has created for days.

6. Treat The Person the Same Way

If you want to hurt that person, another thing that you should do is by treating him the same way that he treats you. Give him a taste of his own medicine. Also, treat him like he doesn’t matter to you. If you are about to do this, make sure that he doesn’t know that you are just getting back at him, as this won’t be effective once he knows about it.

7. Remove Them From Your Life

If hurting that narcissistic person is not enough for you, then you should probably remove the person from your life. Stop sending that person with invitations like an invitation for parties, christening, or get together. Not only will you hurt that narcissistic person, but you will also get rid of the toxic person that has the ability to ruin your life. Sometimes eliminating the negative individuals in your surrounding would mean more productivity and blessing for you. so if those individuals affect you , then it’s time to cut them off in your life.

8. Make A Joke, Mock, or Laugh At that Person

Unlike normal persons, they can take on different kind of humiliating jokes on them and still move on to their life. But this is a different story on narcissist as they are much more sensitive to jokes.

You don’t have to verbally abuse that person as they have done to you, so why not just tease that person until he feels a bit humiliated. The narcissist doesn’t really like being laughed at so try making a prank on him/her in front of other people.


Revenge will actually not make you feel better, but it could at least lessen the frustration that the person has built-up in you. Out of all the ways that are listed in this article, the best way that you can hurt and be a safe form that narcissistic person is by ignoring that person. Or better yet, you can just walk out and remove him or her forever out of your life. It will do you good in the long run as once you don’t see them again you might be surprised how happier and easier your life can be.

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