What To Talk About With a Girl You Like

You have a crush and wondering what to talk about with a girl you like. We get it, it is not easy to keep the conversation going. Especially with that elevated heart rate of yours when she’s around. Good thing is that you came to the right place. We’ll try to teach you what to talk about with your crush.

Ask How Her Day Went
This might be a boring question for you, but for women, she might tell you that she is dying to talk about with someone about some part of her day. If she starts ranting about how awful or great her day was, just listen and make comments from time to time, this will give her the idea that you are interested in what she has to say. You can ask this question whether you know the girl personally or not.
Ask and Talk About Her Passions
Women are more passionate about the things they like to do, by simply putting on some makeup to the planning of what she wants to do in the near future. Initiating this kind of conversation will not only immerse her in the conversation but also you. You might also find some of her passions the same as yours.
 Try Asking Her If She Likes Adventures
Most girls really love traveling or going on adventures, you should try asking her if she likes doing adventurous activities. If the girl you like is crazy about this stuff, then she’ll happily talk about it with you. Aside from listening, you can also throw a few popular places that she might or have visited in your conversation.
Also, Try Asking Her If She Likes Doing Extreme Activities
And what we mean about extreme, try asking her if she likes or wants to go skydiving, going down in crazy rivers in a rubber boat, paragliding, surfing, and others. There are some girls that also like doing extreme stuff if you have somehow caught her attention with this and starts talking about what activities she wants to do.
Talk About the People Around You or Your Surroundings
Try making her laugh by telling stories that have reminded you upon seeing familiar things or faces around you. If you have awesome observation skills, you can use this by observing some random person and trying to guess his or her personality. You might just impress or make the girl that you like a laugh.
Tell Her a Whole Lot of Jokes
Good looks aren’t the only reason why girls fall in love with the guys, it’s actually the personality. If you are a jerk or a guy that is way over his head, then that would be a major turn off to the girl you like. Most girls would prefer dating or talk to guys with a great personality such as being nice, funny, chivalrous, polite, and other good stuff.
Of all the good traits that I have mentioned, being funny is the cherry on top of the cake. Try making funny jokes or pick up lines to the girl you like, making the girl you like laugh will make her like you more.
Ask About Her Hobbies
All the people in this world have their own hobbies, including the girl you like. Ask what she usually does on her free days. If she says that she likes reading, then talk about some of the books that you have read. She might have also read it and make some comments about the story. If she likes to play video games, then try recommending her some pretty good games with great storylines. Not all girls are gamers, but if the person says she likes them, then recommend a few games that you know. And so on so forth, whatever hobby that she likes doing, ask her about it and suggest a couple of things to her.
Keep the Conversation Light
If it is the first time that you have talked to her, don’t ask her questions that are a bit too personal. She might not like it and will immediately end your conversation by telling you that she has to go somewhere. Only ask her the most common questions like the ones above, if you have asked her a question that made her silent, immediately say that you’re sorry and that she doesn’t have to answer the question if she’s not comfortable.
Be Patient with Her
For men, sometimes women can be a bit hard for them to handle. If the girl you like you refuses to have a normal conversation with you, then be patient. Perhaps she’s shy and does not want to bother you. If your paths often cross paths then simply greet her, and maybe make small conversations. If you’re friends on social media’s then send her a message with a simple hello, or maybe send her an invitation to hang out in some of her free days or time.
Have a conversation with the girl you like Is not the only thing that you should do, however. You should also try immersing her in the conversation to avoid having awkward silences. Once you have successfully talked with her for hours, that means that she is genuinely enjoying your conversations.
However, don’t do all the talking, let her talk about herself more than about yourself. Women love to express their selves so you should often ask her questions about herself. Also, here’s guide on how to tell someone you like them. Perhaps the direct approach is better in your situation. 

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