Why Do People Lie? – Here’s 6 Reasons

We are back again writing about lying. Last time we discussed how to spot a liar. Now lets find out why people actually lie. The truth is, everyone does it or is capable of telling a lie. If you caught someone lying, you might wonder what’s the real reason behind the person’s act. Generally, there are various possible reasons why a person lies. Below is a list:

1. People Lie To avoid disappointment

One of the possible reasons why people lie is that they don’t want to disappoint the people around them. For instance, they become worried about losing the respect of their family, friends, colleagues, or loved ones. They feel worried or afraid that the truth might lead to rejection or lost of respect.

2. Sometimes Liars Try To protect themselves

Not all lies are bad. Sometimes, a person tells a lie in order to protect themselves. For instance, you tell lie to the person in front of you because you want to protect yourself. One specific example is when a child is home alone and suddenly a stranger calls on the phone. He or she may tell the caller that his or her parents are at home. It is often dubbed as a self-protection lie.

3. Often Lying is Used To maintain privacy

Another possible reason why a person lies is that when he or she wants to keep things in private. If you feel that a certain information should be kept private, telling a lie is acceptable.

4. People Tend To Lie To avoid Embarrassment

Sometimes, when you are stuck in an embarrassing situation, the only choice you have is to tell a lie. If you want to get out of an awkward social situation, it is not a crime to a lie to the person next to you.

5. Some People Use Lies To manipulate

Some lies are not harmful, but there are those that can lead to undesirable consequences. There are people who lie because of their desire to control other people or manipulate them. Sometimes, they want to take control over the things in their life that the only way they know is to tell lies.

6. For Some It has been a habit

Sadly, there are people who lie because it has been their habit to do so. And since it has been their constant way of dealing with the truth, sometimes their memory becomes unreliable. According to studies, the memories of a person change overtime specifically if they are influenced by many things. Memories can be reconstructed when you think of them constantly. A repetitive liar sometimes feels pressured to the point that his or her memories are not reliable anymore.

Psychologically speaking, people lie because of different reasons. Some people lie unintentionally, while others tell lies without thinking of the possible consequences. If you believe that a person is lying and it would lead to harmful outcomes, it is best to confront them about their action. There are people who are not aware of the possible consequences of their actions. For those people who intentionally lie in order to manipulate or harm others, they need to be confronted of their wrongdoings. On the other hand, if you know that you told a lie in order to protect yourself or loved ones and maintain your privacy, it is not a crime to hide the truth.

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