Winning Money in a Dream – This is What it Really Means

Dreams can temporarily make us super happy. Sometimes we dream of spending a great time with our loved ones somewhere in the Bahamas, meeting our favorite celebrities and sometimes we win money. Winning a lottery or some kind of prize is a common dream. Based on all the questions I get about it every week, I can assure you are not the only one dreaming about it. Today I will help you interpret such dreams by going through various scenarios involving winning money.

To win money in a dream means that you have concerns about your current financial situation and want to improve it. You seek immediate help and would love to have a sudden pour of money out of nowhere. Winning does not take hard work, however. It is simply based on luck. Thus you don’t want to commit to hard work. Instead, you are looking for a quick solution.

Winning a lottery in a dream signifies the inner desires of being rich. While all of us would love to have tons of money, when it reaches our subconscious mind and we dream of it, it means you think a lot about it. You need to be incredibly lucky to win the lottery. So, dreaming about it specifically means that you subconsciously believe that there is a very little chance you will ever get rich.

Seeing your family member win the money in a dream means that you want them to help you out. It does not necessarily have to be financial support. Sometimes even a need for basic emotional support can translate itself into dreams.

If you dreamt of your friend winning money, it means your friends will experience great improvement and together you will have some amazing times in the future. The meaning can change, however, based on friend’s or your behavior after winning. If he starts to act strangely and distances herself after getting a bunch of money, it means that subconsciously you don’t trust her enough. If you feel envious about the winning, then it means that you envy her not only in a dream but in real life as well. The same thing can be said about seeing other people winning money as well.

Envy in dreams – why does it happen?

The previous paragraph opens up a very important question. Seeing money in a dream symbolizes various desires. Often we feel bad that others have some things and we don’t. It can be money, as well as other highly desired things such as good looks, beautiful partners, intelligence and amazing social life.

It can be embarrassing to feel this way, but envy is a naturally occurring emotion. While experiencing it only harms your inner peace and mental well-being, don’t feel bad because you want things that others have. Try to let this feeling motivate you to improve yourself and avoid ruining relationships with others because of it.

Will I win money in real life if I saw it in a dream?

No, you will not. If somebody tells you otherwise, they are lying. Sure, it could happen. Although not because you had a dream. Lots of people feel ‘lucky’ after dreaming of having great luck and make risky decisions. Some gamble and some purchase random company stocks. Please, do not make any financial decisions based on a dream.

Dreaming of losing money after winning

A typical scenario even in real life. Lots of people lose all their winnings right the way, because either they get greedy and want more, or they have no idea how to handle newly acquired wealth. You most likely have heard of all those instant millionaires who ended up broke after a few months.

Seeing the same thing happening to you means that you don’t feel experienced enough to handle the challenging situations. This can be, for example, a promotion at work or getting accepted to a prestigious, but demanding university. Sure, you want it to happen, but will you be able to handle it? The inner doubt forces you to dream of losing what you have won.

Dreaming of a winning a very little amount of money means that you lack ambition in life. Getting so lucky to win something does not happen often. In dreams it should at least be a large sum, right? Because of your lack of confidence and enthusiasm in life, your mind shows the images of winning a very small prize.

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