Dreaming of Zombies – Surprising Meaning Behind Seeing Walking Dead

What can be more terrifying than dreaming of zombies at night? It sounds funny to even discuss such dreams. Although many people experience terrors of seeing images of walking dead while sleeping. It is not a random occurrence and in this article, I am going to explain everything that you need to know to interpret what it means to dream of zombies. Few explanations that I cover today are:

  • Discomfort in a society 
  • Fear of death
  • Problems with mental health
  • Being anxious about people around you
  • Being under the risk
  • Various dangers in life
  • Need for security

And many others. 

Zombies, Dreams, Society and You 

The cause of the zombie apocalypse in popular culture is always some kind of pandemic. It spreads fast and uncontrollably. There is never one or two people getting the virus and becoming a zombie. It is always the entire society that gets destroyed and transformed into the crowd of walking dead. The meaning behind seeing zombies while sleeping can vary tremendously and the article includes various scenarios below. Although some symbolism is quite clear with every dream you have. Seeing zombies in your dream is often strongly connected to the attitude towards the society that you live in. It could be the worries you have about the current events happening in your region or a country. It could also mean the social stress you experience daily or the limitations people put on you. 

Fear of death

I don’t think anyone would be surprised hearing that zombies are a symbol of death. Seeing them while sleeping is often connected to the fear of death and the inability to accept it. In fact, for some people, the fear is so big that they have recurring nightmares with images symbolizing death. You might saw zombies for now, but to understand if such fear is the cause of your dreams, you need to observe them for a long time. After zombies, in case of such fear, you will start seeing other symbols of death – guns, massacres, illnesses, etc. If it was an only one-time occurrence, then zombies could symbolize other things. Below are 20 examples. 


1. Zombies chasing you – Dreams like this indicate the disturbance in your mental well-being. There are visible or invisible problems polluting the subconscious mind. You are being chased, feeling the threat and immediate danger. Zombies are one of the scariest creatures from the popular culture – They are dead, filthy and have nothing in their head except eating you. They are a perfect depiction of the serious challenges you are trying to escape in your dreams. 


2. Zombies chasing your friend or a family member – You are anxious about the well-being of your friend or a family member. These worries translate into the dreams of zombies. They are chasing your loved ones and symbolize how your subconscious mind perceives their health being under the risk. 


3. Zombie bit you – You were under the risk of something bad happening and your brain thinks it already happened. You have been exposed to a big issue in your life and it is up to you now how you act. Zombie bite can be deadly and only an antidote can save you. What this antidote is in your life depends on individual circumstances. 


4. The zombie bit your friend or a family member – Instead of you being under the life-threatening situation, it is your loved one. They are under the risk of losing a precious thing in waking life. Just like you, they require something to save them from such a situation. You are worried about it and feel anxious about their future. To calm your mind and stop recurring nightmares, you should try everything to help them. 


5. Single zombie – There is a danger in your life. It is either an upcoming situation or something that has already happened. Regardless of how it is, the threat is minimal. You can easily outrun a single zombie. Unless you are a completely weak person, it cannot defeat you. Thus, if you have been bitten by a single zombie, you perceive yourself as someone who can be easily defeated. How is your self-confidence? chances are it is low. If there was no complication with a single zombie, then it means that you are strong enough to overcome the minor inconveniences of life. Don’t worry too much and keep developing yourself. 


6. A small group of zombies – The threat is significantly higher than when there is only one zombie. However, your chance of survival is still relatively high. You understand that presently or in the future, you will be facing challenges. If you survive an encounter with a small group of zombies in a dream, then you are mentally ready for the upcoming battle. If they got you, then you are worried about what could happen. Remember, being overwhelmed with negative thoughts could make an outcome much worse than it can be. Stay calm and make sure you are well-prepared. 


7. A large group of zombies – There is a current or upcoming danger in your life. The challenge is so big that your mind is simply telling you to run. Only a fool would try to stay and fight such a big crowd of zombies. For some reason, you subconsciously have no hope and faith in yourself. The first thing that you should do is to analyze what is happening in your life. Is the challenge really that huge or are you perhaps overreacting? Then it is up to you how you face it. Yes, your brain is telling you to get out and save yourself. However, perhaps you are strong enough to endure the upcoming storm. 


8. Zombie is slow – There are usually two types of zombies in movies – slow ones and fast ones. Slow zombies are not necessarily too dangerous as long as they are not in a large group. If you see in your dream zombie that is slow, it means you feel confident about yourself and how you face the problems. Be careful, however. Overconfidence can be harmful to you. Perhaps what a slow zombie symbolizes is not a big threat, but it still exists in your waking life. If you ignore such dangers simply because they are minor, they might get you when least expecting. 


9. Zombie is fast – Those creatures are terrifying. I’m talking about the ones in the movie called 28 days later. They are super fast, ferocious and very difficult to kill. Undoubtedly, seeing these types of zombies symbolize a situation that you need to be constantly aware of. It is inexcusable to ignore such danger. You are dealing with a particular challenge in life and make sure you are consistent with all the measures that need to be taken to overcome it. 


10. In your house – When your own home needs to be the safest place for you, it has become a nightmare filled up with zombies. The level of anxiety about the security of your life must be extremely high to dream of such things. You are worried about the stability of a financial situation, relationship or health. When your last frontier is in trouble and there is no more comfort to find anywhere, it is directly hitting the very important step of Maslov’s pyramid. After physiological needs, safety is the most important priority for humans. In a contemporary world, we are not running away from predators (or zombies), but we need a shelter where we feel safe. This shelter comes with stability – both financial and emotional. There has to be something in your life to make you feel threatened. Identify such things and do something to change them. Being under such pressure for a long time will be tremendously bad for your mental and physical health.


11. While sleeping – You have trust issues. Sleeping puts us in a very vulnerable situation. We are completely unconscious and can be defeated easily by the enemy or a predator. If you are attacked by a zombie during the sleep, you are alarmed by trusting others. Society can be cruel. We are extremely competitive creatures and betrayal from the people we consider as our friends could often happen. Perhaps it is your past experience that makes you feel cautious. Perhaps you have seen how others treat each other and fear that it could happen to you as well. 


12. You are a zombie – The worst thing in your dream has happened. You have already been bitten and have become a zombie. It symbolizes how you already experienced the worst in your life and now it is the beginning of the rest of your life from that point. You can’t change the past. What has happened is already gone and there is nothing you can do about it. Now it is up to you have you react. Sure, perhaps you have lost. Perhaps you hit the rock bottom, but life goes on and you need to adapt to your new settings. 

The meaning of you being a zombie in a dream also depends on what exactly you do. What is your behavior in such a dream? If you become a typical zombie and join the crowd to hunt for the remaining humans, then it means that mentally you have accepted your defeat and feel like a loser. If despite your situation you continue to save yourself, then you are not giving up and still have strength left to keep fighting. 


13. Your family member is a zombie – It is indeed a nightmare to see your family member becoming a zombie. It can be your wife, husband, parents or a child. While in waking life your dream has no influence over their health and well being, it is still terrifying to dream such images. Your mind feels like the relationship between you and your family member has become worse. To find peace, you should think about the problems that affect it and try to work on them.


14. Your friend is a zombie – For some, friends are like their family members and losing them to some zombie virus is tragic. Here as well there is a problem affecting your friendship. Perhaps friendship between you and them is overdue for various reasons. Maybe you took different roads in life and now barely see each other. This makes you feel bad and nostalgic for good old times. Why don’t you call them and spend a nice evening together? It could make your nightmares go away. 


15. You hunt zombies – It means you are a confident, charismatic person that takes charge during the tough times. It could be because there is no other choice left or because you simply enjoy challenges. Whatever it is, you are out there hunting the creatures others fear and run away from. You are dreaming about it because your brain feels your self-confidence and motivation during waking life. It is a wonderful thing for you. However, make sure you do not get blinded by the image of yourself and stop the hunt. 


16. You save people from zombies – Perhaps you don’t consider yourself as a hero, but when it comes to helping others, you do not say no. In real life, it is either because you have a long history of kindness, or you want to start helping others. Many people around us are experiencing difficult times. You have altruistic thoughts in your subconscious mind and during the night dream about saving others. Kindness is a virtue and you should be proud of yourself to have such dreams. 


17. Zombie saves you – The situation where you thought things were going south will end up beneficial for you. You had a problem in your life and it seemed difficult to overcome it. However, turns out it is actually a good thing for you. It often happens when we overreact and misjudge the cues. Now that your brain starts realizing what is really going on, you dream of images of something terrible that you fear actually saving you. 


18. Hiding from Zombies – There is not only fight or flight when it comes to evolutionary danger for humans. An alternative for survival could be simply hiding somewhere. The problem, however, is that it is up to the predator if you are going to be found or not. It says a lot that your brain has decided to avoid becoming food for zombies. For you, staying under the radar and avoiding making silly, impulsive decisions in life is the way of keeping yourself out of trouble. Although there is a downside – the anxiety accompanying the feeling of being dependent on external factors. It is up to us how we deal with the world around us. If your survival strategy is right or wrong will be determined only by you after evaluating your past. 


19. Having a pet zombie – It is a quite unusual image, but such dreams often occur. Even in popular culture, we see a few examples of it. After analyzing the meaning behind having a zombie as a pet, we see how logical it can be. A symbolic image is quite vivid and strong here. Instead of the danger chasing and plaguing you, it has become your companion. Not only it accompanies you, but it also obeys you and serves as a pet. Few possible explanations come to mind. One could be that you have struggled so much previously in life that your brain started perceiving challenges as a regular occurrence. They do not harm you anymore, but the opposite – make you stronger and more experienced. 


20. Zombies being a part of our society – Sometimes our imagination runs wild and we dream of something absurd and unrealistic. Yet, zombies being a regular citizen is very symbolic. It depicts how we accepted the harsh daily life and pretend that it is okay to feel stressed, depressed and anxious all the time. You feel uncomfortable in such a society. You are stressed as well and understand that it is a way of life to be blamed. You translate your rebellious thoughts into images where deadly creatures are part of society. It can also mean that society made some of us like zombies – brainless, slow creatures that do the same thing over and over again. Nobody can blame you to have dreams like this. Although living with subconscious thoughts like that can be damaging for your mental health. Somehow you need to try to make peace with it or do something to change what you don’t like.

Additional Information – The other symbolic connections of dreaming about zombies 


A zombie outbreak is associated with the end of the world. It is a collapse of our civilization. Everything is in chaos and misery covers the entire planet. Seeing zombies in a dream is not always about them, but what they bring to the world. You might be seeing them, but your subconscious mind is actually dreaming of the apocalypse. The meaning, in this case, is mostly negative as well. Although there are some major differences. Seeing the collapse of society in a dream is more about the feeling of distress because of the public factors rather than individual mental issues. It also shows more anger and dissatisfaction towards society than what you feel because of your choices in life. It is you against them and not you against your own decisions. You feel trapped and limited by the world that has been built around you without your control. 


Zombie apocalypse always happens because of the epidemic of a virus that causes zombification. Seeing a virus in a dream symbolizes the fear of death as well. It also has various other meanings behind, depending on the setting. It could mean that you feel ill and your body needs time to recover from the stress. It could also mean that you are worried about the future and uncertainty is haunting your subconscious mind. 

Conclusion and what to do next

Zombies and dreams do not get along well. They bring negative feelings and always mean something alarming that should not be ignored. As you can see, interpretation can be difficult and depends heavily on individual settings. To analyze better and know exactly the meaning behind such dreams, you need to start observing them long-term. Start gathering different images and try to see if they are connected. 

Keep in mind, however, that chasing too much the meanings of the dream is not healthy. Sure, seeing a zombie can be an important message from your subconscious mind, but if you can’t get the clear images and can’t understand what exactly is going on in your head, then relax and wait a little more. Your brain will let you know when the message is crucial and you will dream even more vivid dreams that will be much easier to interpret. 



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